Computer Confidence

Bitterroot College 103 South 9th Street, Hamilton

Course is designed to give students the skills required for navigating Windows 10. Material is presented in a friendly and supportive format. Students learn basic computer concepts, develop mouse and keyboard skills, and explore & practice using the Internet and email all within the Windows 10 environment. This class meets 6 times, on Mondays and …

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Intro to Small Business Planning

This FREE workshop is designed to get you over the hurdle of getting started on the critical ongoing planning that is essential to business success. There will also be a short presentation on how to get some helpful industry ratio information from free government websites. Free Light Lunch (Pizza!) John Schneeberger, RCEDA. COVID-19  We will be …

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Google My Business

RCEDA 274 Old Corvallis Road, suite a, Hamiltlon

Learn how to optimize your business listing on Google to help your business be noticed. Class covers the importance of business photos, 360° imagery, responding to reviews, viewing insights, how to use the free app, and more. Instructor: Cody Edwards, Touch Point Designs. COVID-19  We will be following the same COVID-19 protocols as the Bitterroot …

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Financial Management Basics

Learn the basics of creating and using profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheet statements. Also includes how to create financial projections and financial management best practices for small business. Andrea Simmerman, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), JCCS COVID-19  We will be following the same COVID-19 protocols as the Bitterroot College. All of the courses …

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Understanding the Cottage Food Law

In October of 2015 Montana's revised cottage food law went into effect after passage of House Bill 478 by the State legislature. The law established guidelines  for the production and sale of "non-potentially hazardous foods" such as baked goods, preserves and honey. Through this course, individuals will gain knowledge of the Montana Cottage Food Law …

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Modern Day Marketing

Growing your business requires a marketing plan and strategy that goes beyond simple advertising. That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated though. Learn the basics of modern marketing, from finding the right customer and how to market to them, to learning traditional marketing strategies and today’s digital platforms. Cody Edwards, Touch Point Designs. COVID-19  …

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Basics of Business Law

This class covers several aspects of law, including the legal business structures that small businesses assume, reasons why to select each one, and what their advantages and disadvantages are. Negotiations, contracts, intellectual property and legal liabilities are explored. Most importantly, advice is given as to where to get legal information and help. Attorney Richard A. Weber, …

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SAM and Beta SAM

In this workshop, you will learn the basic elements of registration and the federal regulations associated with creating your SAM.GOV vendor profile. This workshop will cover the Representations and Certifications portion of SAM registration including clips from a video by  government contracting attorney Steven Koprince. The new Beta SAM website will also be covered. This …

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Hiring and Employees

Learn the basic rules of sound human resource management. Course covers frequent problem areas in human resources: wage and hour laws, hiring processes, progressive discipline, benefits of contractor vs. employee, tax credits when hiring, on-the-job training, incumbent worker training, wrongful termination, required employer posters, and more! Patty Kernahan, Former HR Director, Gary Palmer,  MT Dept …

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